Material Selection

Expert advice on material selection.

We can help you replace your curent overpriced, hard to find materials with confidence. Saving you money while providing you with greater flexabilty and an additional supply source.

Creative Resin Solutions

We can help solve part performance issues, astecic concerns,

and processing issues via our expertise in custom formulations.

Custom Pre-Coloring Of Resins

  • Reasonable prices, fast lead times!
  • Lab certified transparent and opaque custom colors
  • Pan tone colors
  • Custom color matching / Part matching
  • 1000's of Manufacturer's Colors on file
  • IR transmittance requirements met

Custom Colors

Customer Oriented Approach

We can provide in house stocking with deferred payment terms,

same day shipping, off site storage and blanket order discounts. 

More Than Just Plastics

From resin selection to prototype design. 3d printing to tooling & Emergency production Services. We can provide an integrated team that is right for you!

Solutions For Excess and Obsolete Inventories.

Turn you regrind into useable resin.

Sell your obsolete inventory, small or large volume.

We can usually offer far more than scrap dealers.

Sell you obsolete stock here.

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