Arbor Tek Brand Resins

Arbor Tek offers a full line of certified, lab tested engineering resins.


1000 Series - Polycarbonate

(Used as an alternative to Lexan®, and Makrolon®, Calibre®, Trirex® )

2000 Series - ABS 

(Used as an alternative to Cycolac®, Lustran®, Magnum®)

3000 Series - PC/ABS Alloy

(Used as an alternative to Cycoloy®, Bayblend®)

4000 Series - Acetal (POM)

Homopolymer and Copolymer

(Used as an alternative to Celcon®, Delrin®, Ultraform®, Tenac®)

5000 Series - PBT

(Used as an alternative to Valox®, Celanex®, Ultradur®)

6000 - Series - Nylon (6, 6/6, 6-6/6, 6-12)

(Used as an alternative to Zytel®, Ultramid®,Minlon®)

7000 - Series - PPO/PPE

(Used as an alternative to Noryl®) 

8000 series - PC/PBT

(Used as an alternative to Xenoy®) 

9000 series - PET

(Used as an alternative to Rynite®)


Acrylic, ASA, HDPE, LDPE, PBT/PET, Nylon/PPO Alloy (GTX® type), PEI (ULTEM® type), Polypropylene, Polystyrene, TPO, TPU, TPV.

Resins Modifications or Variations-

  • Prime, General Purpose and Utility grades
  • Low Medium and High Viscosities
  • Injection or extrusion
  • Glass Filled, Mineral filled, Impact Modified
  • Teflon & Silicon Additives
  • Lubricated, UV Packages, Release Agents
  • UL Listed Grades
  • Natural, Black , High & Low Gloss
  • Custom Colors.